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white people are fucking ruthless I’m out


Anonymous asked:

Do you think white people should be in hop-hip/rap?


Seven Rules For White People Who Like Hip-Hop

1) When singing along to rap songs with the n-word, substitute “ninja” e.g “My Ninja, My Ninja”

2) Don’t assume black rappers (or black hip-hop fans) hate or are uncomfortable around white people

3) Like what you like

4) When you’re saying rap names like “Lil Wayne” or “Masta Killa” just say them in the traditional white person way e.g “Little Wayne” and “Master Killer”

5) Just don’t use an accent, ever.

6) Don’t laugh or act nervous when you talk about hip-hop - rap is the preferred music for millions of Caucasian people around the world. Liking hip-hop is not weird, or a novelty. You ain’t gon be thrown out of your parents’ country club.

7) Respect the culture, acknowledge and appreciate where and how the culture originated.

There you have it, if you follow these Seven simple rules you will never get bashed for your music preference, and if you do kindly tell them to go fuck themselves and direct them to this helpful guide.

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